New blog layout has me feeling awesome.

I, personally, love all of the blue. I'm a blue person (not like the song) and find that it's a calming color. Also... It fits the gif of Brendon Urie in the Miss Jackson video!

Honestly, they are an amazing band, the single is fucking catchy! They'll be at the Cosmo when I go to Vegas for my birthday and Dude has absolutely NO idea what's he's in for! I'm dragging him down to see them as soon as our bags are tossed into our room. It's going to be the best birthday EVER and it's the only reason I want to go.

Mibba, I hate going out, I don't like people. Interacting with people has me all iffy because I never know what to do, or say!

I've been told that I can talk about music and such but, let's be honest, I never have anything nice to say to people when they end up criticizing me for my taste in things. I can't exactly talk television either due to the fact that I fangirl pretty hard and no one I know is as into anime and other animated shows I hold so near and dear to my heart. I end up frozen and people will ultimately ask

I never have a proper explanation and find myself using quotes to try and do so. It always ends up with me just walking away and

It's just so frustrating. But... yeah. PANIC! AT THE DISCO FOR MY BIRTHDAY!
July 25th, 2013 at 02:29am