Here's to Family

I'm a young woman who was raised by my father. My father raised me single-handedly. I mean I had a biological mother and a step-mother. I had siblings blood-related, but now I'm down to one. My dad raised me to be strong and independent woman. One who fought to survive, thrive, and make my dreams come true. He taught me to sacrifice my own happiness to save others or protect the ones you love. I am sweet, caring. I have the habit of complimenting people randomly. I'm thoughtful, loving. I'm determined, and when I want something to happen I'll make it happen. That's part of how my father raised me. Because of how he raised me I get to keep my youngest blood brother. I raised my little brother after all, so as long as I always have his best interest at heart then he will be forever loyal to me.
But after my father passed... I was left wandering between blood-relatives who couldn't care less about me. They abused me. Always hitting my insecurities. Always abusing me as usual. After my father passed away I unfortunately was left to be with my biological mother and her "family". They've never liked me though, and they've always degraded me. I still have my little brother, but it's not the same as having someone to turn to and rely on.
It's been three years since Dad passed, and I've been wandering through the pain with a brave face. Then I started talking to Soul's family more and more while trying to endure the people I was stuck with. When it got too hard for me to endure I asked Soul if there may be a way for me to stay with his family. His family took me in with open arms. They are helping me adjust very well.
I took a big leap of faith and packed all my things and sent them ahead of me to Soul's house. I just felt like moving in with Soul and his family was the right thing to do for me. When I got here I was welcomed with hugs, kisses, smiles, and love, but because of my past of being abused and being unlovable I doubted the family would put up with me. As far as I was led to believe I was just someone people HAD to put with. So my panic attacks were frequent when I first moved in. I tried to talk myself down and use logic, but I still was panicked. Soul and his older sister tried to calm me down as well, but it was hard for me to keep my cool. So once I also talked to Soul's parents with Soul and his older sister there I started to feel better.
I've only lived here about three and a half weeks, and everything has changed for the better. I'm getting comfortable living here, and Soul's whole family is helping me adjust and get comfortable. I'm happier. I feel so loved, and when I need help no one minds helping me. I get along great with Soul's mom and older sister. They are amazing. When I needed to go to the hospital Soul and his mother came with me right away without guilting me for needing to go to the hospital which I've literally never had before. I've always been blamed for me being super sick or hurt like I meant it to happen. They kept me company and made sure I was taken care of. And Soul's mom's been helping me with changing my address for important places, getting my ID, and she's helping me with all this important medical and other important things. All Soul's siblings are very nice, and his nieces are so adorable and so very sweet. As it turns out they are so much better than my biological family. They love me and are always there for me.
So here's to my new family. I love you, and thank you for being there for me always. :)
July 25th, 2013 at 04:06am