Things I Hate (and a comment swap)

In stories... If I were to list you all the things I hate, man. Yeah, anyways. Let me tell you the type of things I read on Mibba first, primarily it's contest stuff that people hand to me in a nicely wrapped box. I don't really want to ever look for my own stories because there's so many and lots of stuff to sort through and it's so hard to find anything good! I do read off Mibba too, so there's that. These are things that I DESPISE.

1. Someone putting themself into a fanfiction.
Okay, if it's a band fic, it's just way too unrealistic. Your favorite band member or singer isn't going to fall in love with you after seeing your face in a crowd of people for one second OR you're not going to randomly bump into someone famous, do you think this is Disney Land? If it's a tv show or a movie fic, you wouldn't survive in that universe. If it's an alternate universe for a band, tv show, or movie fic, just wow how corny can you get?!

2. Things moving too fast.
One time I read this fic by a scene kid (ugh); this boy had been raped a few years ago, just as background, and then it's the first day of school, he meets another scene boy who just happens to live next to him, and he tells him ALL ABOUT HIS RAPE on the boy's porch in the afternoon the same day. You see what's wrong with that, don't you? Then they just ask each other to be boyfriends after the whole, majorly depressing rape story.

Things moving too fast happens way too much and it's just wrong, especially with teenagers like YOU'RE IN HIGHSCHOOl, why are you pursuing a love interest so quickly? Don't you have work to do?

And that's kinda it, I mean the major plot things that annoy me. Then there's the people that focus so much on outfits, like the write out exactly how someone puts on shoes and make a picture with all the things someone wore in a chapter. You understand that no one cares, right?

So, comment swap. Give me a story (anything less than 3K words that isn't A7X) to comment on THAT DOESN'T HAVE ANY OF THE ABOVE THINGS MENTIONED and you can comment on Going (Dr Who fanfic), Mean Something (Supernatural fanfic WITH LOTS OF SPOILERS), or Make You Feel (original fic).
July 29th, 2013 at 08:47pm