Katsumi tells all: Monday Night RAW (7-29-13)

And Raw opens with Vince coming out and our lovely RAW GM right behind him.
Vince opens by saying "We're going to have ourself some fun tonight." Now Brad is telling the fan how he is sorry he was a bone head now we're moving on to talking about Trolls "He's a hidious ugly dwarf." Vince say describing what a troll is.

He hand off the Mic off to Brad and no other then the man in question himself comes out D Bry, and let me just say the pop he's getting from the crowd is amazing this guy is going to be top dog one day!

Ohh Bryan starts talking about Vince being a dictator Vince then sends Brad away and now Vince and Bryan are the only two in the ring and their talking about respect and intruptions and the crowd is just going nuts.

"I respect Cena as a human being, I respect Cena as champ, I respect Cena that he picke me at smmer slam."

Vince is now telling Bryan Cena is making him look foolish that "Are you a fool Bryan?" Vince asked, saying Cena knows Bryan cant beat Cena that he cant even beat Kane he doesn't have ruthless aggresion. I don't think I like Vince talking to Bryan like he is

"Does that mean I want a half pint troll champ?" Vince is cutting deep in to our flying goat vegan friend but he's making me laugh. Vince really shouldn't talk about spontanious combustion it just makes me laugh.

"If Cena is lying to me he'll have hell to pay!" now Vince and Bryan are having a standing compition and honesty, "In your own words it doesn't matter what you think." Pause "It matters what they think." He points to the WWE univers and how we want D Bry to be our new champ at Summer Slam.

And now we're moving right along the Shield Vs Mark henry and the Usos in a six man tag match personally I think this is retarded the shield should have this won in like five minutes but what ever

This match just hasn't been all tha great as much as I'd love to see more six man groups I really feel Henry is just dragging this match down to a very low lvl basically its henry throwing everyone around.

Ryback is back stage with some guy I have no clue who he was and is all cryptic and weird and then attacks him and shoves him in to a table full of food and dude went through it, assuming that was leading up ti him and Cena tonight have to say though I cant stand the guy Cena isn't going to go through the table like a feather

"They been lying to you man! Aint no such thing as a hero!" I love Bray he's just awesome
#Followthebuzzards I love when they show this stuff just adore Bray and his back of the wood country side / hills have eyes type of family all they need is a leather face and their good to go.

Kane is talking to Brad looking for Bray and his family and Brad is all if you wanna show send them a message why don't you do it when you fight your former partner and good friend D Bry.

And now we're on to RVD and Fandango I was really just starting to get in to Fandango wrestling and now I'm sure that RVD is ganna win this why have him go against some one as new as Fandango? RVD is established he should be going against some one else not trying to burry new guys..

I just don't see RVD as Mr.Monday Night any more I see him as Mr. Cant pass a wellness policy And just like that due to a fucking count our fandango has lost and now he's saying his name in the mic and dancing away ....

I love watching Aj go all crazy she's back stage yelling at Big E and how he just watchings Kaitlyn spear her all the time and how he likes her and how you just never know what she's going to do next I seriously love her crazy act

And now the lovely ladies of the show are to go at it in the ring this should be intresting it always is when Aj is in the ring. Cole says Aj fasions herself as a modernday heroin, but honestly I think she's more like the villian and Aj does some weird Dance in the ring.

The match between these two is pretty intens neither lady is ready to give out just yet a lot of near falls ohh and Katilyn spears Aj for the pin fall win
Aj's melting down in the middle of the ring like a three year old and her comes Ziggy #Shouldertocryon Ziggy asks for a match with big E right now after insulting Aj and still calling her babe

Big E and Ziggy are indeed having this imprompt match and Aj at ring side I'm sure she is plotting something crazy I like watching these two I think both men in the ring are very talented and have a lot going for them and Ziggy wins due to Aj once again being crazy and now big E is yelling "What are you doing?" At Aj which cause Big E to get a ZigZag

Cena is back stage on his Cell and is now being confronted by D-Bry who is asking Cena is Vince is telling the truth the intensness between these two is heating up

ADR and Christian are next cant say I'm looking forward to this match I'm not a fan of Adr like at all

Christian just took a nice shoulder go at the steel steps not once but twice and he looks like hes hurting but ADR isn't stopping Adr is again via the App being showen targetting Christians bad arm, Adr is making sure to use his vicious kicks on Christian its easy to see who is domiating this match and Christian is finally got some life in him again just wish this mat had some in it... ADr runs from the spear and Christian walks in to the boot to the head but he kicks out of the pin. that was a nice doge by Christian and the roll up for the win was even sweeter way to go Christian

Cody is going up against Wade this match is so blah I didn't even realize it was happaning.So I didn't see who won but now Sandow is out whinning about how he' better then Cody and how Carney folk are baneath him or some bs..
Brya starts the match off going after Kane after a brife stare down, so far this has been a hreat match of course with Bryan its always a good match and Bryan gets the win with an amazing roll up from a chocke slam but it still didn't save Bryan from getting Slammed

And for once The E didnt disapoint me Bray and his family are coming... Kane takes off running right for Bray but the family gets Kane down any way and their tearing him up. I still find it so weird he kisses his oponets "I heard you like to call yourself devils fave Demon, but you sir are no demon.. And the devil.. I'd like to let you in on a secret you should wath who you say them things infront of you never know who might be listing!" #followthebuzzards

two diva matches in a row wow but I just cant handle the bella's seriously just ugh they following in Aj's foot steps and just going crazy I hate the way they try and win just cause they cant actually wrestle god I hope they don't bring Kelly Kelly back

Curtis Axel and Paul are the next two to come out where Paul tells us his name like we're idiots and is now dogging R truth name cause he thinks he's a good or something blah blah blah blah blah blah Cm Punk and then some plug about Summer slam I'm so disapointed actually that we havent seen Punk.

I was hoping since I have got to go and see the movie wolvarin I get to at least seem him wrestle tonight... No one cares where old guys win belts, we just want to see you fight R truth and we really don't want you to dis your dad.

Never mind that disapointment Punk just showed up took out Axel catches paul and then bam Axel is bacl up Paul is running like the whalrus he is ...
HHH and Vince are back stage talking where Vince tells HHH he wants some one like him only 23yrs younger to be the champ, and now steph and her bright idea decides D-Bry needs a corprate make over, so its going to be like the corparation all over again oh joy...

No suprise here but super Cena wins yay not really but now Bryan is out and holding the belt to Cena .. Cena goes for it Bryan pulls it away
July 30th, 2013 at 06:00pm