Lovely Nightmares

So this time...we were at my school...but it was like wrong? Like the setting FELT like my school with a few tweaks. But basically I was in the middle of what seemed like the story line of a horror movie where some of the students became these vampire/zombie monsters where they looked like regular students except their face was devoid of color. So basically here I was running around in my school looking for a safe place to hide my family, and we decide to get to the roof. Only to realize the two staircases were right next to each other and they were the only ways to get up there. Now, on one of the staircases the monster was just standing there so I'm trying to get my parents to go up the other one..but my dad is being too fucking loud and just wont follow me. He almost goes to the stair where the monster is, and does it while talking I realize I'm gonna have to be behind him in case the thing decides to come after us...I'll fight it...I'll die but as long as my brother and parent's survive (idk where my oldder bro was at this point) but so basically we go up the stairs (a little slowly) and I'm debating shutting the door and blocking it with something..but i mean its a monster..a door aint gonna do shit..and we were on the roof there was nothing else to block the door with. While I was trying to come up with the plan this whole time my dad was just talking out loud and im like dad shut the fuck up. Also the roof was filled with people like almost like 3000 people out on the roof. So I come up with a somewhat horrifying plan. We go to the middle, and if the monster comes, it'll kill the ones in the front...and we can't be at the bak because people will be pushing to get away from the monsters which could throw us basically we'd hide under the corpses of the rest...then I woke hands were shaking from phantom adrenaline!
July 30th, 2013 at 07:11pm