Anyone remember 'Mibba Fan Radio?'

If you don't recall, or perhaps you do, it was this tumblr page that a few members here on Mibba made. It posted audio posts similar to podcasts that not only talked about Mibba, but would feature stories and poems and authors, as well as discuss popular and controversial topics.

Anyway, I think I'm considering starting one of my own things like this for Mibba on tumblr, seeing as Fan Radio has long since been abandoned. I would possibly take on two or three other members (who are generally active in most sections of the site) and we would do essentially the same things. However, we could also do some other things; those of us with good photo-editing skills or theme-making skills can submit themes and banners and icons, and the like. We could also feature contests that are out as well as feature like a 'member of the week,' which will be great because there's a member of the month thing on here, so more authors will get recognized! We could also do interviews.

This might take place within the next month or two, so keep your eyes open and I will keep you posted! I'm not looking for any help yet, but when I am, I'll make sure to have like a form or something! Get excited!
August 4th, 2013 at 05:14am