gaw, eek no!

[21:15] mrs_tre_cool_1272: omg ur insane
[21:15] greendayrocker317: haha
[21:16] greendayrocker317: 98 percent of teens are brining sexy back, but im the 2 percent that sexy never left
[21:16] greendayrocker317: heh, u can be part of the 2 2!
[21:16] mrs_tre_cool_1272: yah
[21:16] mrs_tre_cool_1272: where'd ya find that?
[21:17] greendayrocker317: photobucet
[21:17] mrs_tre_cool_1272: lol
[21:17] mrs_tre_cool_1272: im a 2%!!!!

lol i love our convoes dez! but yah just a lil tired about reading all the crap about gerard and lyn-z so i made my own topic. well bye then.
September 6th, 2007 at 09:30am