A blog dedicated to my lovely yet slightly evil boy

He can be cute when he wants to be. And is sometimes wonderful and other times, he can be a complete and utter ass.

He likes to snuggle me and he likes to share cake (he especially likes the icing).

He's adorable and loveable even if he whines a lot.

I can't help but go awwww when he sleeps.

I love him to bits even though he bites me occasional.



This is my cat, his name is Alexei and he is my favourite boy in the whole wide world.

He's always there for me when I'm sad and I still love him even when he sits on the window sill even though he know's he's not supposed to (>.<)

Note: I am an unashamed cat lady and possibly getting another one (not sure if I am).

I also just ate the WORST french fries in the world, although it may have had something to do with the fact it was reheated delivery food. I also had a bite of the chicken and had to spit it out.
I seem to have bad luck with delivery food. The restaurants are either terrible or I REALLY like them and they close down.


I'm going to go make some juice and work on the Everetts. I hope to get a chapter down in a few days :)
August 5th, 2013 at 05:55am