Recommend me scary stories.

Straight up scary stories. I don't want romance of any kind. I don't want a feel good story. I want something to scare me. It doesn't have to be your story, share a story that you've read that's creeped you out. I'm starting a horror tumblr called From Inside Your Closet. It's basically going to be me sharing scary stories, images, etc. Anything that personally creeps me out I'll share. I'm also going to be finding stories myself, and posting them on Tumblr. Well, linking. I want the author to be completely credited.

I'm trying to stay away from things that have been around since the dawn of the internet... like my favorite ghost legends. I couldn't help but to post about Bongcheon-dong Ghost, my favorite webcomic and still have not found anything quiet as scary as that.

I do find it annoying that searching the 'creepy' tag you get Creepy-chan... like uhhh... I get she's pretty cool and all... but ehe. Found some pretty creepy stories but still.

What I would love though is something to creep me the freak out. Omg. I want to be scared so bad. D: Like, I read this Creepypasta called Tunnels about looking into mirrors reflection and it makes you think like...

and I already have a problem with sleeping, okay? At night it's worse because I start thinking, "what if there's a ghost right behind me?" Don't look, don't look, don't look. I'm a coward who is in love with the paranormal and in love with being scared... I can't properly explain it sooo... what I want is:

Vampires (Non-romance)

Legends! If you have creepy legends then share, I love a good creepy legend.
I'm so weird, but that's okay.
August 6th, 2013 at 02:23am