Shark Week! Plus a comment swap.

Its Shark Week! Tonight is definitely better than last night ways too so major plus! To be honest this is the first year I'm actually watching it and I now understand why its so popular. Now I understand what I've been missing all those years I just brushed it off. The only thing I'm not a fan of is that Shark After Dark Live show. If Craig Ferguson was hosting it instead of producing it I would probably like it.

Its been a while since I put a comment swap up and tonight seems like a good night to do so. Other than watching Shark Week I don't have a whole lot going on so here goes.

Usually I put up my entire story but its getting too long to have that be the only option for a swap so I'm doing this one a little different. I'm going to list the chapters and their lengths and put them out there individually so people can pick a point similar in length to their stories.

1. You comment first.
2. No slash, femeslash, or incest.
3. I'll read original or fanfiction, even if that fanfiction is part of a fandom I know absolutely nothing at all.

I'm putting up my story Risking Heartbreak . The entire story is 12,918 words but here is the chapter breakdown:
Chapter One - 2,337 words
Chapter Two - 2,481 words
Chapter Three - 2,811 words
Chapter Four - 3,241 words
Chapter Five - 2,048 words

So if you're interested in swapping there is the info and just let me know what you want me to comment on.
August 6th, 2013 at 03:29am