My Take on the Whole Shaming Thing.

First of all, just let me say that calling someone - male or female - a slut isn't cool. It's the same premise as same-sex marriage or abortion: it's not affecting you personally, so you have no right to judge.

But what about the people on the opposite side of that coin? What about the people who are chided for @not having sex? People will go batshit crazy if you call someone a slut, because it's their body and they can have sex whenever and with whoever they want. And that's true. But what about laughing at someone for being a virgin? People say that's silly because into today's society, it's jut not normal.

This spring, I took a sociology class, and we were discussing the subject of pre-marital sex. Of course, back in the 1950s, people didn't do that. If you slept with someone before you were married, God help your soul. But once the sexual revolution happened, people's attitudes changed. Sex wasn't as taboo anymore. One student brought up something I thought was interesting: these days, waiting until marriage to have sex was unrealistic. Unrealistic. Umm, no it's not? I fully plan on waiting until marriage to have sex, and guess what? I'm proud of it. Does that make it any easier when people tell me my decision to save myself is stupid? No, of course not.

Virgin-shaming is just as bad as slut-shaming, because it's the same premise: what gives you the right to decide what a person should do with their body? In all honesty, society has entirely fucked everybody up and can go suck a peanut.

By the way, sorry if this doesn't make any sense. This is just my opinion.
August 8th, 2013 at 03:55am