So I heard there's a war...

Here I am on vacation, browsing blogs at 11 at night and all I see are blogs about slut-shamming and a war breaking out and 30+ comments in arguments over it.

Ya'll can be America and Russia or North Korea and South Korea while I sit here and eat popcorn while you blow yourselves up.

I understand both sides.

I understand how hurtful the word slut is; I was called one all through 6th, 7th, and 8th grade because my breast developed early and got huge quick. I was call it even though I was a virgin. Even though Id never even kissed a boy. I chose to ignore it and tell myself that there was no reason for myself to think Im a slut so I just kept moving on.

On the other hand, maybe a person uses that word because its a logical one to use? I know several people who jump partner to partner on whim and call themselves slut. If someone acknowledges they are one am I not to as well?

Though the argument all together is stupid.

We have to rise against being hurtful to someone whose opinion is different. We cant bash someone because another person chooses to use the word slut and we can't just throw the word around like its glitter because someone pisses us off.

With this huge mibba flight you are trying to change someone's opinion is like trying to push a mountain. You try and try and you push and scream and the mountain doesn't move.

Those are my thoughts. Ill pull a Paula on this one and admit I've used it when people I know have used it on themselves. I will also admit that we need not fight over something so stupid as changing someone's views on something.

So I am just gonna sit here and watch you all tear each other apart (and probably wait for people to attempt to pull me apart in the comments...) and see how this all unfolds and how many of you get banned for bashing and how many friendships are destroyed over this.
August 8th, 2013 at 05:19am