Wincest or Destiel?

Which do you ship?

Here's what I got to say, I don't have any problem with either of them. People get all up in arms about the brother thing... They're fictional characters, shut the fuck up. An angel and a human is a blasphemy, you know? I'm tired of people fighting over this. Think for a second, figure out you have a favorite, and understand people will feel different ways.

I kinda ship both??? I've written a Wincestiel one-shot (total porn, btw), read a single one before, I want to read more. And I really just... I understand them both, more than that, I like them both. I love Destiel, always have, but I'm really starting to like Wincest too.

Season one and two had a lot of homoerotic subtext between the brothers. Watch Playthings (2x15) again, OMG. My favorite was when Dean said, "You're my weak spot... Demons know it, too." FEELS. Look, just, they've died for each other so many times, sacrificed so much for each other. Except for Cas, they are all each other have. My personal headcanon: They only truly had each other for their entire lives (except for Stanford) because John Winchester was the world shittiest father. They're just so GOOD together! They love, trust, and have faith in each other. You can say this is all brotherly stuff, but you have to understand how people can see it as a romance. Do you think that - just - the bond Sam had with Jess or Dean had with Lisa can even compare to the bond they have with each other?

Destiel, I don't even have to explain that do I? Castiel fought demons in Hell for FORTY years to get to Dean. My personal headcanon: Woulda been a helluva lot easier if one of the archangels did it, right? No, Cas was chosen to save Dean because he's his soulmate. My sister kinda watches this show, she saw the "Cas, get out of my ass!" scene and she totally ships it. The whole profound bond!!! "I rebelled for this!!!" LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, CAS LITERALLY FELL FOR DEAN.

Do you ship neither? I also get that, makes some people uncomfortable, and it really isn't what the show is it about so. But it is fun! I love shipping. Oh and, by the way, I have a Supernatural collection of stories, you should go look at it if you read to the end of this blog.
August 8th, 2013 at 06:25pm