Mibbs, Sometimes You Disappoint Me

I hate that I'm getting involved, but gosh I'm such an involver I can't even help it.

So I'm going to tell you guys a super short story that's totally relevant to why I'm disappointed in this site, and totally has a point. I'm pulling an Elle Woods here.

During the first week of my freshmen year, the week of classes that is, I had a free period with my whole class of nine kids. Yes, my whole freshmen class was nine kids. You should know I attend a private catholic school but most of the students that attend the school aren't really "catholic" so to speak. However, in my class I had some very strict catholics, and some very not (if you know me at all I denounce the idea of religion). So we're all sitting in this classroom for a free period, and we get on the conversation of body image, and beauty.

I throw out that beauty is all about perception, because what one may think is beautiful another can think is hideous. One of my classmates, a very religious girl, counters that everyone and everything is beautiful because it was made by god. Another one of my classmates, who was on the bigger side at the time, said that beauty was all about being thin and pretty. Needless to say, the whole class broke out into this huge argument about beauty and what constitutes such a thing. We sat there arguing for forty-five minutes till we had to move on to our next class.

But as soon as we left the classroom we dropped the topic, and were civil again. We didn't hold eachothers' opinions against each other. We didn't mock others' opinions. We weren't offended because so-and-so called so-and-so's opinion bull shit. The point is, we didn't even know each other, and in that classroom we offended each other but we let it go. We didn't drop out of school because of the argument, or try to transfer. We let it go.


So now that I've told my nice little story I want to say that I really think that part of the reason arguments go the way they do on mibba is because (AND I'M NOT TRYING TO SOUND SEXIST BECAUSE I LEAD THE PACK FOR FEMINISM BUT THIS SO TRUE IT CAN'T BE DENIED) we're females. Statistically its been proven that females are more prone to taking things personally and being unable to drop things. I mean, I fight with my sister and the animosity can last for days. I fight with my brother and ten seconds later we're sharing a bag of chips and watching a movie. And not because I gave in, but because he did.

But aside from our genetic makeup, I do think there are some ways we can be proactive to prevent discussions from going awry, other than ousting the discussions which is wrong because its good to discuss (god I've used that word a lot) important topics with other people who are older and younger and share different opinions.

Number One: We need to learn how to give our opinions without stepping on others' opinions. Take my brother for instance, whenever we talk about movies and what are good movies and what are not he tells me that the movies I like are horrible, and I'm like you may think they are but I don't, and you can't tell me that they are because that's an opinion not a fact.

He's not very good at seperating facts from opinions, and a lot of people have a tendency to lay down their opinions as facts. Here are some ways we can stop that: I think or I believe before statements. For instance: I think batman is better than superman rather than Batman is better than superman.

Also, when giving an opinion on a topic that is purely opinion you should refrain from saying: You're wrong or I'm right. Because opinions have no basis to be wrong or right. That's the sole reason they're opinions and not facts.

Number Two: Walk away.
I think this is important because it seems that a lot of people on here like to engage people who don't really understand the concept I gave above. When someone is laying down their opinions as facts its best to not respond, and move on. Have discussions with people who can share their opinions in a friendly manner. People who can't haven't not passed the ignorance threshold yet and stepped into the (en)light(ment).

Number Three: Don't bitch about people to other people on the site, or write blogs about someone else. It's like gossiping. If you have something to say to someone, say it to them. Don't write a blog that's about them. Its catty, its not right. And if you've got so much to say that you have to write a blog, at least tag them in a comment so they can respond their. They'll feel less offended and it'll stop a fight from breaking out.

And the Golden Rule: don't curse or insult people when discussing opinions. It discredits you immediately, and you can't be taken seriously anymore. Insulting someone when having a discussion is immature and it just shows you don't have the ladyballs to have a real discussion.

So that's all I'm going to say on the matter. Mibba, sometimes you're just way too sassy and we gotta' keep you in check but I don't think its a bad place to be. I think its great that people want to discuss and share opinions. I encourage it, you can learn a lot from other people. So utilize it!

But don't be a bitch cause you'll just get your ass handed to you.

Girl code.
August 9th, 2013 at 01:46am