2 cake orders this week and an interview

It seems like thing's are finally starting to pick up.
I had a job interview last night and it went really well. I messed up on my table test though but he said I did so well on my interview he didn't care. Plus I was the first person on the course to send off for my license.
I found out tomorrow but he basically told me I've got a job.
Plus I have two cake orders this week. One is a surprise for my old boss. I'm making his boat out of cake but because that will be too small I'm going to make a little tent and fire and stuff. I'm excited for it.
The other one is a companion cube, which I'm also excited for.
The cupcake things came today too. They are for a transgender event with Gender Matters. I'm using rainbow cases. There is also the charity logo, the trans equality logo, the charity's twitter logo and the equality ring.
And of course, as I do on most of my blogs, I'm going to shamelessly link [url=www.facebook.com/jodys.cupcakes]my facebook page[/url] and ask anyone with facebook to please like it.
August 10th, 2013 at 11:03pm