Shaming is a Necessary Thing

I kept telling myself I wouldn't get involved in all this ridiculous "slut shaming" nonsense but fuck it. Here I am. I'm well and truly over people going on and on about slut shaming, fat shaming or any other dumb type of self inflicted shaming. You aren't oppressed. You just want something to complain about. You want an enemy. People love to play the victim card.

What the hell is "slut shaming"? Not liking the fact that some people don't like whores? I agree with the issues of the double standard. The whole a dude bangs a lot of chicks and that's cool but a girl bangs a lot of dudes and she's a ganga. Yes I think that's bizarre in our very progressive society. I always did like the whole "If a key unlocks many locks it's a master key, but if I lock is unlocked by many keys it's a bad lock" analogy. Not saying I necessarily agree/disagree, I just find it funny. But in my estimation, if you act like a slut, and try and make a huge deal about it. I'm going to assume you're a shitty person. I've had my fair share of fun and will probably have more, but the "one night stand" type of girls I have spent some time with are the type I would never take seriously for a relationship. That's preferential.

This whole fucked up idea of "shaming" is what bothers me. It's a defensive mechanism that makes no damn sense. Someone doesn't like something you do/don't do for a good reason, "OMG OPPRESSION YOUR JUST A HATER YOUR SHAMING US" blah blah fucking blah. Grow up kids. You have internet access, you have enough food, you live in a world where you can say whatever the fuck you want on the internet. Surely you're not that oppressed. I honestly don't think anyone gave a shit about sluts until they all started this whole "slut shaming" bullshit. I don't think it's as stupid as the people who complain about fat shaming though. That's just on a whole other level.

Here's an idea, if you don't want people to judge you based on your level of sexual activity, don't make a huge fucking deal about it. Don't go on long winded rants via blogs or anything else about how many dudes you've fucked and why it's an okay thing to do. No one fucking cares. No one. Get over yourselves. Your lives are not these drama filled stories of oppression and chaos. There's plenty of real shit going on elsewhere in the world that is soooo much more important than your ridiculous, self imposed issues.

And the actual stories of this "slut shaming" in action? What a load of ridiculous, blown out of proportion bullshit. My guess is that they are either entirely fake stories, or they are just little instances blown out of proportion. A little comment here or there that could easily be ignored or whatever. If I see a girl dressed really skimpy and showing off waaaay too much. I'll assume she's pretty easy. That's just how it is. I'm paraphrasing Dave Chappelle here but he has a bit about that sort of thing, "you might not be a slut, but you're in a slut's uniform". The whole bit itself is pretty funny, check it out some time. But for the most part, these tales of "oppression" are just fabricated, and blown out of proportion. I see people dressed ridiculously all the time, I don't stand up in arms and make a big deal out of it. I go about my day because my life is much more important than what some idiot is wearing in town.

Now back to the title. I think that shaming is very important. We need to be shamed about certain things to take action and be better people. How far are we taking this "let everyone do whatever they want" bullshit? Are we going to start accepting murderers and rapists? STOP MURDER SHAMING GUYS DON'T JUDGE SOMEONE ON THE FACT THAT THEY WANNA KILL PEOPLE. Obviously that's an extreme example. But if someone I cared about was going overboard with a "slut" lifestyle or being very irresponsible and all that, I'd want them to be ashamed. Same with obesity. You should be ashamed of your self imposed obesity. It does not define your worth as a person, but it is nothing to be proud about and you should work to fix it. Why be "proud" of being a slut? What's so impressive about having sex with a bunch of people you barely know? Why make a huge deal about it?

This whole thing is stupid. My blog is not very cohesive. But fuck it, it'll do. Let me know your thoughts and opinions. And if you're into this whole "anti-slut shaming" clusterfuck, please let me know why I'm supposed to care. You get extra points for not using the words "patriarchy and oppression".
August 11th, 2013 at 06:10am