Anyone up for a Comment Swap?

I've had a long month; so honestly I haven't been able to take much time to discover new stories on here, so, to get back in the swing of things and get some feedback on my new one-shot, I'm offering a comment swap.

Now, before we start, a few quick rules.

1. You comment first. I promise I will get back to you, it may take me a few hours or sometime tomorrow morning, but I will do it.

2. Preferably no A7X or other type band fics. I honestly know nothing about them and they don't hold my interest so I'd prefer not to read about them. Most other things and especially original fics are welcome.

3. If you give me a chaptered story, I will read some of it, but maybe not all depending on the length. Remember, I am offering a one shot that tops out at just over 1,600 words, so it's fairly short.

4. If it's going to be a comment like "great story, I really enjoyed it" not to be rude but I'd prefer not to. I try to give actual feedback, and I'd appreciate some in return.

Aside from that, anything goes. The story I'm swapping for is
The Perks of Dying.

Swap away! :)
August 13th, 2013 at 04:49am