Come chat with us!

Hello everyone, I'm Maddy! I'm sixteen and I'm bored. I don't know if people know this, but there is a Mibba Chat! I get on there all the time, but as of recently, it's kind of dying. I just want everyone to know Mibba used to have a Chat that was quite active until the new layout, where the Chat button was taken off for some strange reason.

It saddens me to have a home I was so close to be completely dead almost all the time. If you're ever on, I'm usually on. We can chat or what not. It's up to you. Please help us bring it back to life! I don't know why the button was left out. Maybe because of drama the chat would bring to Dujo from time to time, however, I think it's still a great place. It's a place where there are arguments, however, it's just conversation and disagreement. Where would we be without disagreement? We might not have rights if there wasn't disagreement.

Mibba Chat is a place where I have grown as a person. It's very much a home to me because I have changed. And this once shy girl has cracked out of her shell just a bit more and a bit more. I can now say I can talk to people and let them hear my voice, even though I'm still shy....I try. I can show MY pictures to people and not someone else's. I'm not afraid, and I have friends who have accepted me even though my mistakes have been awful.

Come join our chat! I'm not always on, but I usually am!

Click this! Or copy and paste, whatever!
August 14th, 2013 at 03:27am