Everybody, Everybody, Wants to love

:D How is everyone? Today I woke up in a wonderful mood...and although the guy I like hasn't replied and seems to be completely ignoring/not checking his Facebook, I'm quite well on the contrary!

So instead of moping around the house and looking like death, I'm gonna put on a lovely smile and pretend it's alright. And my heart isn't being slowly ripped out.

So, look at this camel.


Happy Hump Day! It's Wednesday!

Anyways, hopefully if he does reply, by being happy I won't be completely crushed.


^ That's what I'm doing.

♫♫I just wanna be ok, be ok, be ok, be ok today. ♫♫

And since I'm now trying to diet and lose weight, there will be no chocolate for me! :(


SO DOES ANYONE KNOW ANY AMAZING DIET TIPS? <3 I so need some encouragement for this. I'm walking and eating healthy, but what else is something that makes dieting easier/work or what have you learned from past experiences?

Maddy "Be Your Own Hero"
August 14th, 2013 at 04:33pm