Comments for you!

It's a game! I'm sure there are some of you here that can definitely get all these right. The idea was taken from laredo. because this is really cool and fun. Here's what I'm gonna do: give you six sets of two lies and a truth. You get a comment for each one that's right. If you get them all, you can ask for anything you want, including my first born or a recc, you know, anything. If you don't get any, you comment on one of my stories. Or don't. Honestly, I don't care, but this sounded fun.

1. a.) I failed the last AP test I took.
b.) I hate Sam Winchester.
c.) The only shoes I own are Converse high-tops.

2. a.) I have a boyfriend.
b.) I've been to Warped Tour.
c.) I'm a feminist.

3. a.) I live in California.
b.) Donna Noble is my favorite companion.
c.) Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor.

4. a.) I have a Justin Bieber song on my iPod.
b.) Sleeping With Sirens is my favorite band.
c.) Of Mice and Men is my favorite band.

5. a.) I watch Teen Wolf.
b.) I still have a teddy bear.
c.) I want to be a Politician when I grow up.

6. a.) I want to be a lawyer when I grow up.
b.) I do not ship Wincest.
c.) I hated Amy Pond as a companion.

Give it a shot, then? Chances are I'll give you at least one comment no matter what.
August 14th, 2013 at 11:23pm