yes i know my indecision is maddening but i think i'm going to stick with this one

so. this is what i'm doing.

anyone remember until the exection's over? no? didn't think so, but still. i just took that story down and am once again doing a complete rewrite.

except it's a little different this time.

because i am a narcissist and also a little too attached to those characters, i'm turning it into a three-part series, each part a full-length story comprising three different periods of time in zack's, the main character, life.

the first part takes place when zack is just turning fifteen and first getting heavy into drugs and whatnot. it's going to be the shortest of the stories and is written in a different style than the other two will be, and is kind of just a quick peek at what made zack the way he is, as well as some insight and history on the other characters. i've already got four of the chapters written and will be posting them tonight. there will probably only be about dozen chapters total for this story, and they're all quite short.

so yeah.
August 16th, 2013 at 03:42am