What Does Your Username Mean?

Hello everybody! What all have you been up to this weekend? Weekends for me usually mean doing a whole lot of nothing lol. Been relaxing and doing a bit of writing while my love plays his video games.

Anyway, I want to know the meaning behind your username and why you chose it. For mine.....my name is Mandi. My real name is Amanda but I like Mandi better. That's what most people call me anyway. So I had this friend and she just up and called me Mandibles one day. I thought it was clever...not to mention....I really like facial bones and skulls lol. Sounds weird I know...but they fascinate me. I like looking at people's faces and how their facial structures are built. Especially the mandible and jaw lines and chin!

I'm a strange girl but that's basically what my name means on here. It's kind of stuck with me and it's what people know me by on here. Plus you really don't hear anyone else ever using that name. So yeah....tell me a bit about yours!
August 18th, 2013 at 08:55pm