You know what really grinds my gears?

People who are always complaining about the lack of activity on this site, or the fact that they have no one to talk to anymore. Not to be rude, but Mibba is what you make it. You get what you give. If I'm feeling ultra bored, with nobody to talk to, I get on the blogs and comment on them. I read new stories and compliment the writer, or ask for writing tips if I feel that they have something to offer. If you want to make new friends, get out there and talk to people. Nobody is going to come to you and be like, "hey, you seem unhappy. What's going on?" Nine times out of ten, you will make a ton of friends when you get more active in the blogs.

If you think that the stories are inactive, you're wrong. In my opinion, people don't get out of their comfort zones when reading stories by the users on this site; people who read fan-fiction about a certain band (or bands) rarely read other fan-fiction or original fiction. I find myself having that same problem, but I would never complain about the site being less active because my fandom is less active at the time. Lately I've been reading more original fiction, and I'm so glad I made that decision. So when you feel like you have nothing to read, look for something else to read. I promise you won't be disappointed!
August 20th, 2013 at 10:44pm