Yesterday I woke up from a nice dream, today I actually woke up in pain from a nightmare.

Vivid dreams can be fun. They are amazing and so realistic and when I have those dreams, you know the ones, where you two are just making love I can actually feel it and then remember that feeling the next morning. I don't know how to explain it. But I like my vivid dreams... and normally my "bad dreams" they aren't really bad, because I realize that they're dreams. In fact the only time I had a panic attack was from a dream recently, which I blogged about, but it wasn't the contents of the dream it was something else. (I think it was stress.) So, this is a first for me, where the contents did scare me and where I woke up and I am still feeling a deep pain in my eyes and ears because of what happened in my dream. I was so shocked that when I woke up I was hot all over and in fetal position I could not move because I was afraid that I was going to provoke *them*. So lets try and talk about what happened.

Khalessi from Game of Thrones was in it and she was trying to preach to the people and get them on her side and she was winning. Well, she left this big city thing and was with some other guy across the ocean. Anyway, she's out of the picture (and I am skipping the first portion of the dream which had to deal with cute little villages, meetings, and etc.) for now.

Now I am in a church with, at first, three men who are going to give themself to "The Silent Man" which is some morbid twist of a God. He's not really a man, rotting bones, hollow eyes, elongated fingers than end in a sharp point, and white wispy hair. The Silent Man ritual is a ritual of devotion. During the ritual you most remain quiet or you evoke the God's rage and he will tear you to shreds and drive you to insanity, so you better hope that you die. But if you survive the painful ritual, which yes is still painful but after losing certain *worldly* senses you become enlightened and you become a *higher being* or some bull shit.

This is when the preacher or whatever he is of the ritual comes in with an old acquaintance of the three men, and then another follower. The old guy says he is just going to watch, and so the preacher anoints him with the oil and sticks a solid white piece of paper to his forehead which is to show that he is not there for devotion. The two men sit on the bench and watch as the preacher (or maybe witch doctor is a better) begins the ritual.

The old man only sits there for a few seconds, he's already been told to be at still as a mouse and quieter than death. You don't want to piss the entity off because he won't only punish you but everyone he can get his hands on until he's satisfied. It's why the rituals are few and far between. Anyway, after watching this entity rip out the mans tongues and work on driving his fingers into the men's ear drums the old man stands up and just says three words. "For fuck's sake." and it was awful. But with that he didn't kill a few of the men and they went insane, thinking this is the judgement of all men.

Khalessi comes back, swimming through a pool of red water.(It's blood.) and once on the alter she sees the carnage and is about to run when one of the Deformed Wrong-Turn Silent men uses something and actually burns her to a crisp.(If you're a fan of the series you know she isn't supposed to be able to burn.)

That's not what scared me or hurt me. What got me is me and my family were driving through down town when we see smoke and fire, and last thing I hear is, "they've got justin's mother." From Amy. The top of the car is ripped off and we are all jabbed down into the seat and someone is using one of those welding gun things

And is using that in our ears and eyes, painfully taking our vision and and sense of hearing. And I woke up after mine were done and my ears and eyes hurt so bad I wanted to cry and my heart was just pounding.

I'm fine now. But idk. That dream was wild. Uh hope that I don't have it again.
Actually texted Michael out of panic because I didn't know who else to talk to...
Gonna try and go back to sleep since I've only slept for like 2 maybe 3 hours? xD....
August 22nd, 2013 at 06:40am