So, my new boss doesn't like me.

This isn't even me being my normal paranoid self, he pulled me to one side to tell me he doesn't think I'm good enough. He said if it was up to him they would have put me on reception constantly because I can't handle pressure.
This is coming from a guy who has worked with me for two days and seen me deal once.
I'm not really sure what I should do now. I like the work but it sounds like he has mind up that I'm not having a full time position at the end of the month. I'm tempted to try some other casino's but I don't want to give him even more reason to get rid of me and I will have to take time off to attend another table test.
I hate that he's made so many judgements already.
I also hate that I'm stuck an hour away from home because none of the buses have shown up.
I hate that I kissed another guy and can't tell my boyfriend.
I hate that I constantly think of that guy.
I hate that the people at work keep reminding me of that guy even more.
Someone bring me cigarettes now?
August 22nd, 2013 at 09:51pm