A Crash Course of Mibba Blogs [Please read & recc]

Hello all!

Due to recent events onsite, there have been many questions concerning what content
is allowed in blogs (as well as comments) and what isn't. I'm here to address these inquiries
and I will provide examples the best that I can explain it in accordance to the rules found in
the Knowledge Base.

1. Public ridicule & bashing are not allowed in blogs.

Having an opinion, whether it is "popular" or not is perfectly fine and allowed on Mibba.
However, when your opinion is public ridicule or bashing, this violates rule number two,
which states, "insulting, harassing, or in any way abusing another user is not allowed on any
part of the Mibba website."

Example 1

I do not agree with people belittling another person's opinion;
I believe that they deserve a chance to explain their point of view.

People who belittle someone else's opinion are downright buttwiping,
birdsucking, flearidden rodents and they should all just shut their mouth or I'll shut it for them.

Notice how in Example 1, the green statement respectfully states an opinion
while the red statement is bashing and not acceptable on Mibba.

2. Tag / challenge / survey / GIF blogs must contain 100 words of original content or it
is considered spam and will be deleted from the Blogs section.

Recently, there have been many of these blogs and they are allowed on Mibba.
Keep in mind that Mibba is a creative writing website, therefore, the 100 word minimum
makes sure that blog content shows that you exerted effort into it.

Blogs that are copy & pasted surveys must have 100 words of original content,
whether it may be before or after the completed survey.
Please do not hesitate to contact a Blog Moderator if you still need clarification of this rule.

If you do not know if your blog meets the minimum requirement, feel free to use an online word counter
to make sure.

3. Do not use profanity in blog titles.

This is self-explanatory. Words that are expletives (d*ck, c*ck, f*ck, b*tch,. . .) are not allowed in blog titles.
In the content of your blog, you are allowed to use profanity but refrain from using it in
your blog title.

Example 2

I'm Pissed As F*ck
I Cannot Believe You Did That, You D*ckmuncher

Even if the word is "censored," it is still not allowed.

4. Do not "moderate" the blogs; that is, do not approach a user who has violated any rule(s).

Although we appreciate it when users help those within the community, we discourage
non-staff members from telling another user that they have violated a rule.

Example 3

- user1: The rules are so stupid, the staff is a bunch of raging idiots, and I'm leaving ASAP.
- user2: Stop bashing the staff! You're going to get banned!

If a user is violating a rule in the Blogs section, contact a Blog Moderator or Admin immediately.
Do not approach the user and take matters into your own hands.

All in all, these are some of the things that you must remember when you are posting a blog
or commenting on one as well. The staff is ultimately here to help in any way that we can;
this means that we are human and there may be a time when a few staff members
are online or none are online at any given time. This does not mean we are ignoring you,
nor do we not care. It just means we have not read your concern yet, and please be courteous
when you contact / PM any staff member.

Thank you for your time and have a lovely week.
August 23rd, 2013 at 09:05am