Procrastination nation, flooding, and The Wanted.

Hey random people that have decided to stop into my little alcove that I call my own on Mibba. As the title suggests i'm procrastinating and writing this blog to hopefully get in the mood to write and/or edit another chapter of my story Promise Me The Stars. (Nice story plug right?)

So i'm sitting here on Tumblr and Mibba being bored and watching baby pandas on TV. They're adorable! I mean I want a baby panda. Who doesn't?

So I live in Colorado, the wonderful state that Ozzy Osbourne can't come to because the altitude is too high for his frail old man metal worshiping body. (Heard it on the radio, who knew right?) And last night we had flash floods EVERYWHERE! There's this one river called Fountain Creek that runs from the mountains up north alllll the way down south and that's the river that flooded. That river, conveniently, also runs through nearly every major town here that's south of Denver. And the tourist attraction town of Manitou is just getting POUNDED by the floods the last few months from the burn scar. Those of you that don't know, there was a little wildfire here a year ago called the Waldo Canyon fire. It was insane, it was crazy, and now we're dealing with floods this year because of it. They even installed flood sirens about a month ago because of it.

So I got to stay up until the wee hours of the morning watching the news and not enjoying the shows I would have liked to watch because we here in Colorado like to know about things that aren't even happening anymore until TWO IN THE MORNING. Well that's at least the time I think they stopped, but I fell asleep before then because I didn't have coffee yesterday morning. Funny how one little thing can change how long you stay up!

Anyway so now schools are closed and stuff because of the flooding including the school I used to go to down the road before I began homeschooling and we're nowhere near where it flooded. But we did get pretty heavy rain so eh...

THE GUYS IN THE WANTED, apparently some raging boy band don't punch me i'm not good with keeping up, WERE LIP SYNCING JUST NOW (I THINK)!! I swear, the bald guy's lips weren't keeping up! And if you're a fan, don't go all raging on me because I don't care. I'm just stating what I saw and I will not deal with being attacked by fan girls and boys.
(Added note five seconds before posting: They're singing again and it looks like they're actually singing, and sounds like it. Plus the song is kinda good so I forgive them for their maybe lip syncing.)

Anyway that's all I have to say really. I still don't have the will to write any of my story and I have to clean before my dad comes from work for the weekend. AND THAT MEANS MONEY! And I totally didn't mean to make that sound like I only care about the money but i've been poor for way too long and its just nice to have money once in a while ya know? It used to be "My dad's going to sell scrap metal at the junkyard AND THAT MEANS DINNER!" Yeah so back off!

Just kidding, I love you all!
<3 Adios amigos
August 23rd, 2013 at 04:45pm