50 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

So, I'm really bored at the moment and just thought I'd make a random list of 50 things I want to do before I'm really old and boring and bleh. I've seen a few of these kind of blogs and thought I'd make my own.

1. Go to university and qualify as an art therapist
2. Get my nose pierced
3. Get my lip pierced
4. Drive the whole of route 66, from beginning to end.
5. Be in a band and tour round the world
6. Have an art show
7. Fall in love
8. Earn a shit load of money and blow it all in Las Vegas
9. Get married whilst I'm drunk to a stranger in a drive-thru chapel in Vegas
10. Become a tattoo artist
11. Get lots of tattoos!
12. Dye my hair blue
13. Divorce whoever I got married to in Vegas
14. Spend a year living in a Buddhist monastery
15. Spend 6 months living in Mongolia
17. See elephants in Thailand
18. Learn to drive a motorbike
19. Pass my driving test
20. Get a car
21. Get my own house or apartment
22. Adopt a rescue dog from a shelter
23. Meet Lindsey Way
24. Buy something ridiculously tacky and expensive from an antique auction
25. Shave all my hair off for charity
26. Have dreadlocks
27. Make a garden entirely from cacti
28. Spend a few years living in New York
29. Go on a Canadian and Alaskan cruise
30. Travel round Japan
31. Make friends in L.A and spend a few months sleeping on their floor
32. Visit the pyramids in Egypt
33. Experience a jazz music festival in New Orleans
34. Buy my dad a cottage in Scotland
35. Go and see the parades and floats in Madrid at New Year
36. Smash up a bass on stage
37. Stage dive
38. Go sky diving
39. Publish a book
40. Get married in the snow and have a white wedding
41. Have a sphinx (a hairless cat)
42. Go out on a boat and see killer whales. Or just normal whales. They're cool too.
43. Buy my grandparents a villa in Majorca
44. Sell my art
45. Become one of those people who can donate their organs to people when they're dead :|
46. Have a vegan barbecue on a beach in Australia
47. Live in Glasgow for a a few years
48. Appear on a radio show with my band
49. Win a competition of who can down the most shots
50. Just be happy :)
August 24th, 2013 at 07:14pm