My boss has found a new reason to dislike me.

Today I wasn't quiet. I have been loud and smart-mouthed. Which completely goes against his theory that I am too quiet and too polite. I fucked up his 'too timid' theory by pointing out his mistakes and not letting him cheat.
This afternoon he has constantly pointed out that by the end of the shift I'm tired and deflated, this may be because I'm standing around doing nothing!
His other problem is my eyes. If I'm not wearing my glasses I can't tell a stack of five from a stack of four. If I'm wearing my glasses I can't inspect. He only asked a few of us to inspect today and it just so happened to be the people who have to check the number in a stack.
This is a problem because today he fired someone for being colourblind and not being able to tell stacks apart.
I'm getting really nervous that this guy is gonna drop me on my ass. He seems determined to wittle down the number of employees and we've been told they are over staffed because they took on so many of us. They've already got rid of three and I've been there just over a week.
I need my lisence to hurry up so I can move somewhere else.
August 28th, 2013 at 09:00pm