30 Day T.O.P Challenge Day 6

-If you could play a game with T.O.P, what would you play?

That's a no brainer, Hide and Go Seek.

I can see it now, walk into a studio. You know like a recording studio's for pop artist. It has all the works at gym, pool, dance studio, and of course the recording part. Andwho, walk in and run into G-Dragon. He was just practing dancing, and was headed to find TOP who baled on rehersal, again.

So in stead of G finding TOP, he decides that we should play HaGS. So he films me tell TOP to come find me, then we take a picture to show him where we are located. We hide, once TOP reers his face. Take a picture of the two of us, with him in the background. Send it to him then split. This goes on for a while till G and I get seperated. G sends me a picture of him pouting and a slightly mad TOP. Laughing I find a hiding spot, which just so happens to be in front of a sound board. Where Se7en is recording, then send G a text that says I spy with my little eye 7. Haha.

Waiting before either he finds me. So G enters the room and grabs the rolly chair I'm in and starts pushing me through the halls..

So the question is does TOP ever find me?
September 10th, 2013 at 06:33am