College Life

Alright college isn't that bad, it's actually pretty fun. Right now I'm thinking about putting Little Bird on temporary hold until October. I'm sorry for those that read it and like reading it but I need to get a grasp on balancing a social life ( which surprisingly I have.) getting amazing grades or decent, which depends on the day, and playing soccer. Oh and today is our first game and I'm extremely nervous.

I'm sitting in Table Studies as I'm typing this because as a student athlete in your freshmen year well really it's only the first semester is maintaining your grades and making sure you do your work. You have to be in either the library or academic resource center, which my friend/the guy I currently like works at. But I'm in the library, cause I'm not a fan of small spaces.

Any who, I've made a ton of friends in college and my room mates are like my best friends, we're really close not only cause we're team mates but we share an apartment together. But other than that there are the guys that live across the hall and they're mad cool. I think they made us dinner one night. I think one of them has a crush on me. That's another thing I've noticed, I think I'm fairly pretty but you guys have no idea how many guys have made THE eyes at me. You know the eyes where they make it known that they want to do extremely not clean things with you. Yeah, it's really uncomfortable.

I guess I should talk about this crush I have. He's a graduate student and played soccer for our college and now he assist the boys and coaches like 11 year olds, which I think is extremely cute. Um, we met through my R.A. who my room mates and I are actually friends with, he's like that older brother you wish you had. He's from Venezuela, both my R.A. and my crush. Any way, it always seems like I'm with him and he's just asdfjkl; he's really sweet and we've really bonded. We'll see how it goes though I'll keep you posted when I can about Little Bird. My season ends around the end of October.
September 12th, 2013 at 04:03pm