Maxwell's Back, TJ Switched, and Half the Money Isn't Going. [ETF]

The title itaelf is pretty obvious. Max is back in Escape The Fate as bassist (Which I have no problem with), TJ has taken Monte Money's spot as whatever he plays (I don't even know anymore) on their upcoming tour with Five Finger Death Punch.

Do I agree with all this bullshit happening? Yes and no. Yes because Max is back and that's what everyone's been wanting since he was kicked out (or left, again I have no clue). No because Monte is my favorite and all but if he's not been on tours and backed oht before a tour begins. If he doesn't want to do certain tours, then why the hell is he still in the band?

Before the fans explode and go, "NOW THERE'S NO ORIGINAL MEMBERS ANYMORE BECAUSE MONTE BACKED OUT AGAIN." Let me say something: Max is back, and Robert is still in the band. Two original members.

Now my question is, who else has the same thought? Go on ETF's Facebook page to read the statement.
September 16th, 2013 at 08:40pm