I have some questions for A7X fanfic writers.

I am in no way saying I don’t do this but I try not to…

I am an avid reading/writer of Avenged Sevenfold fanfiction don’t get me wrong but there’s some things we do I have to pause and ask because it’s just so common to come across certain things.

A7X gang fics


Why does Matt gotta be the leader?



I understand, he’s the lead singer… So naturally but I have yet to see another member as the leader.

Why does the gang have to be called Avenged Sevenfold?

I get it but can’t it be the same people with a different gang name. You could name it after a song title or Lips of Deceit.


Why does Syn Gates have to be the second in command?


Why is Zacky always a brutal murderer who is usually a huge dick to the main character?

Is it because his name is Vengence? He’s a sweetheart!


Love fanfics

If there is a love triangle where the story isn’t a Brian fic why is the other guy usually Brian?

Ever notice that?

If the story isn’t a Jimmy fanfic why is Jimmy always the best friend of the character?

If the story isn’t a Matt fic why is he always the older brother type or literally the older brother?

Why does Jimmy always have to be super hyper all the time and talk about stallion ducks?

Father fics

Why is Matt almost always the father?

Why do one of the other guys usually end up dating said daughter?

Why is the dater usually Zacky?

Why do the guys never know the kid(s) exists? Why can’t they be a father for years.

Why is it usually a daughter?

Why do they have to be a fan if they are a teenager?

Just why?

Why is the sky blue?

Why do birds fly?

Why am I asking these questions?
September 17th, 2013 at 01:09am