I Don't Have the Right Name or the Right Looks | Fanmix Yourself

as stolen from niall sunshine; because i had nothing better to do
(i debated making an 8tracks mix to go with it but too much effort right now, maybe later)

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reminds you of your favorite season/day/month: Sweater Weather by The Neighourhood
I KNOW, I'm so original because my favorite season is autumn. Oh well.

you prefer to listen to at night: Perfect Darkness by Fink
I don't really listen to music at a specific time, but out of everything, I think I've listened to this song at night more than anything else because it's comforting.

reminds you of someone you care about: ¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl) by Green Day
It's probably the oddest song that could remind me of her because it really isn't in the lyrics that much, but every single time I listen to it. It's actually for a slightly funny reason. At least I think so. She might possibly agree.

makes you feel like flying: Hummingbirds by Venus Hum

makes you feel like falling: (in love?) Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie

you listen to when you’re sad: I Can Feel Your Pain by Manchester Orchestra
I do this thing that when I'm sad, I don't even bother to attempt to cheer myself up. I just listen to music that fits that miserable feeling for the time being because I come out of it. (Side note: Around this time last year, I listened to Iscariot by Walk The Moon a lot when I was sad and I was constantly sad so you can imagine how badly I killed that song.)

one song that you’ve fallen in love with recently because of the lyrics: Things We Lost in the Fire by Bastille
'flames – they licked the walls. tenderly they turned to dust all that I adore.' I actually recently fell in love with Bastille on a whole, but this song stuck out to me the most.

one instrumental song that you love: The Blood of Cú Chulainn by Jeff & Mychael Danna

you want to hear live: To Live and Let Go by All Time Low
I don't even know why I love them so much. I actually came close to it because last November, they were near where I was twice but I didn't have the money to go at the time. I'm still upset about that because I would have never known if my mom hadn't looked just to mess with me.

is about something you love: Gravity of Love by Enigma
Admittedly, I had no idea what to put here so I put this.

makes you want to run until you’re some place very far away: Providence by Foals
I'm starting to believe it's psychically impossible for me to run. However, saying we're in an alternate universe and I run, this might be it. Maybe. Possibly. I don't know. I don't run.

three songs that always bring a vivid image of something to your mind (can be a place, an action, a person : walking under the sunshine, taking a train, climbing on your rooftop, your dog, anything):
i. Drilled a Wire Through My Cheek by Blue October (that's a fucked up vivid image honestly)
ii. Colorblind by Counting Crows (i hate the memories attached to this song but it's definitely vivid)
iii. All Eyes On You by St. Lucia (A HAPPY VIVID MEMORY ATTACHED actually)

bonus: a song that you want to share with your followers: Dark Doo Wop by MS MR
Because it's catchy and I've been in love with it for months now.
September 20th, 2013 at 10:02pm