That awkward moment......

....When your mom asks you about boys.
Me and my mother haven't always had a good relationship. Actually, at a point it was downright miserable. I'm an introvert. Mom calls me a hermit, i disagree. Its a long running argument between the two of us. Point is, we don't talk about me, or my social or personal life. People think I'm weird for that because your mom is supposed to be your confidant but for us, it never worked that way. I'm the youngest of four so i guess she was just too tired by the time it got around to raising me.
My mom thinks I'm gay. Weird right? It all started at my 17th birthday party. Girls movie night. Fun right? I thought so. At any rate, two of the girls i invited each brought their girlfriends with them. I didn't mind, same love and all that. After the party my mom asked me if i liked girls and i almost spit out the juice i was drinking. I would have never thought my straight laced mother would come out and ask a question like that. I told her no, but she thought i was lying because i never dated in high school. Later that month i was at a friends party (one of the girls that brought their girlfriend) and told my friends. They all started laughing and she said in response that i was one of the straightest people she knew. Which is true, I am completely straight.
After that , Mom always went out of her way to ask me if i liked anyone new or anything. This was weird on my part because i don't like talking about my personal life. This blog is what this is for. For me to get out my thoughts and experiences with anonymity and maybe some responses. I just don't know what to do when it comes to guys honestly. The freak me out. They always want something. I know, I'm not that naive. And don't get me wrong, i have a ton of guy friends. Just none that i can imagine having in a romantic relationship. Well thats it. Now i know. I'm an emotionally and socially awkward train wreck with rumored lesbian tendencies (thanks mom).
September 25th, 2013 at 04:06am