For SmilingScarlet

This is SmilingScarlet. She is a very lovely Mibbian! She writes both original fiction and fanfiction~ :)

Q&A Time

1. What and or who inspires you to write and why?
A bunch of things inspire me to write, but the main ones are. The need to bring something different to the table, and bringing in a lot more Hispanic/Latino/Mexican "flavor" to Mibba. Like I kind of want to start a little movement, but it'll take a long time, and for all I know someone else might've started the same thing.

2. Hardest thing/s to write about?
For me it'd have to be fight scenes and sex scenes. I'm actually really bad at details, and when it comes to sex...oy vey I'm just as bad. Fighting scenes are the same, like I watch a bunch of action movies, but I get so flabbergasted at all the moves.

3. Favourite genre/s to write about?
Romance and drabble. Those are my main genres I write on here.

4. Least favourite genre/s to write about?
Mystery and Suspense, I'm very terrible at it.

5. Opinion on fanfiction verses original fiction?
Well to be really honest I think fanfiction is a lot more popular than fiction, because that's why all these sites were made in the first place. Only when people started thinking about making their own things did they start the whole original fiction thing, as much as original fiction doesn't get that much love, I still write them anyway. :)

Q&A Complete!

Now onto her stories~


Telephone Wires
Summary - one-shot.

Summary - And then comes the change.

Summary - There is reason to fear.


Second Chances
Summary - Matt Sanders one-shot.

Faithful Friend
Summary - Loki one-shot (I highly recommend this, it's so good!)

You Know You Are
Summary - Corey Taylor one-shot.

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October 3rd, 2013 at 07:49am