Need Some Friendly Advice/Won Our Powderpuff Game Last Night!

So, it started back in my freshman year, on Easter vacation, this guy, let's call him RJ, well, one of his relatives lives across the road from me and my dad had just got a 1978 Ford Ranger. RJ was over at his relatives house and when he saw the truck he came over and started looking at it with my dad and one of my dad's friends. Before he went back across the road, we sat in the shed on the four-wheelers and talked for about two hours.

Over the next few days we talked a little here and there, about a week later I got a random text from a number and I had no idea who it was because he wouldn't tell me, he just kept giving me hints. I finally figured out it was him and I felt butterflies fill my stomach and I couldn't believe that he was actually taking his time to talk to me.

As the months went on we got really close and when we first started talking it was closer to May and we spend all summer getting to know each other until August, that was when he finally asked me out. We dated for about two weeks before he had to go up north for a month and we wouldn't have been able to talk to each other or anything so we both thought it was best that we broke up. When he came back it was the same old as before, we flirted and spent hours texting, but never got back together.

At the end of April in my sophmore year, we got back together, trying to make sure that things would work this time and everything went awesome. I felt like I was on cloud nine and it couldn't have been better, he knew me better than anyone else and I wanted him to know how much he meant to me. On May 11th, I had my Sweet Sixteen birthday party, I invited him and three of our other friends, we all road to the party together.

He gave me the best birthday present ever, it was a blanket and a bracelet. I had so much fun with him that night, we danced and my family loved him, they thought he was hilarious and really nice. He was great with my younger cousins and I knew he would be because for some reason little kids always cling to him.

The next two months were really great, until July, he ended up leaving to go up north again until we started school again, so we broke up. Now that school's been going for about a month, I heard rumors that he had another girlfriend from another school which I was fine with. He ignored me pretty much all of September, but a few days ago he started picking on me again.

It's not like we've really talked or anything, but he sits behind me and he'll sit there poking me in the back and my sides (he knows I'm very ticklish) for about ten minutes and then when he walks past me he'll poke my arm or flick me to get my attention.

I'm starting to get mad at myself because I believe that he likes me again and that maybe we could work out this time, but I'm too scared because I know my parents are pretty upset with how things ended between us and I don't want them to hate him because of us breaking up. I just, I don't want to get my hopes up thinking that he'll like me again. I guess I really want to hear what you guys think is going on, give me a little advice?

On a happier note, we had our Powderpuff game last night and we beat the Seniors! They were so pissed about it, our score was 22-8. The seniors ended up starting to tackle us and finally the refs (teachers) started kicking some of the senior girls out of the game because of it. In the end we won and I don't think I've ever been so proud of the girls in my grade, we may not always get along, but we can pull together when we need to be strong, we're a team and I love them all.

Anyways, it was a great night and I got to reconnect with old friends and spend time with my other friends. Have a good night everyone!
October 4th, 2013 at 12:50am