Mibba Friends

So today I ended up browsing through old message threads i've got in my inbox and I found a couple that were between me and this nice lady that I talked to for many, many months.

We were borderline friends I believe, I mean we read each other's stories and talked and shared random stories of our lives. We shot ideas at each other and complained to each other and...well we just shared stuff like friends do.

And then she just stopped messaging me back and I forgot about it and went on with the stories I was (attempting) to write that would be good enough for the Mibba audience. Of course I wondered about her every now and then but I was too shy to shoot her a message out of the blue and say 'hey we haven't talked for eight months so what's up?!'

She had changed her profile name and picture, leaving behind anything I knew about her from what I could see but people do that all the time so I said 'whatever' and decided to check out what she had been up to lately because despite us not talking I still felt as if she was my friend. She was the first Mibba friend I had ever made in the five or six years i've been on this site so why not right?

So I clicked her profile and was thrown to an error page stating that 'This account is currently not active.'

October 8th, 2013 at 04:03am