Story Idea Log + Very Important Book Characters

(This blog is going to be used as a place for a few of my impending story ideas, as well as a list for VIBCs - Very Important Book Characters!)


1. Of course I'm working on Gossamer now and I'm still getting into the feel of that, so there's Gossamer, which is about this very troubled "gossamer" girl, meaning she's very insubstantial and is basically withering away from different issues (bipolar disorder and alcohol addiction) but she really doesn't want to because she loves life and there's this boy (of course) who loves her and stays by her side as she struggles to normalize her life. Sounds cliche but I'm experimenting with an interesting twist right now, so stay tuned for that :D

2. Of Love and Thieves is about a boy who goes on a trip to Paris with his parents to celebrate his dad's full recovery from a risky brain surgery and meets a girl in the Louvre and a few years later she turns out to be a very notorious art thief and he tries to find her and falls in love with her and yep yep yep. Art, history, Paris, and love, a few of my favorite things!

3. A story about an ambitious twentysomething who moves to DC with political aspirations in mind. It'd be a romantic comedy and lots of hijinks would ensue and she would be a very sarcastic narrator, so I'd be able to incorporate humor there. Who knows, maybe in the epilogue she'll end up being vice president or president or something.

4. Perhaps a serious drama about the political turmoil in DC. It'd be in third person and observing various important and not-so-important people in DC and the very bad, wicked things they do. It'd be fun to write something so gritty and dramatic.

5. No Vacancy already has a summary and is currently being written: Elliot is fresh out of college, freshly dumped by his girlfriend, working a dead-end job, and hasn't quite grasped his footing in the real world or, apparently, up the steps of his new apartment building on which he slips and falls right–both metaphorically and physically–into the arms of Frances, who has really nice eyes, and little does he know, is just as lost as he is.

6. A story that starts with a pirate ship finding a young girl floating in the sea, and they take her in and raise her and everything, and then there's a shipwreck and she's washed ashore onto this island town and she starts to find out these things about her past and her old ship that change her life forever and she goes on an adventure of some kind. (Yes, yes, sounds cliche but there'd be something very interesting about this island). Maybe a romantic interest will be involved but I don't know, I think it'd be fun to try and write something without romance for a change!

7. Something to do with exploration and a magical compass (yes I know that's been done before, but this one would be different. A group of nomadic explorers, a brother and sister, a pack of wolves, an angry fairy king, witches, that kind of thing. It'd be a fantasy-adventure mix and I think it'd be fun to throw romance into that somehow. We shall see.

8. Sanctimonia Vincet Semper, which is titled and currently being written and it's about a romance between Draco and Hermione. Of course it's entirely AU and I don't even know if I ship Dramione super hardcore or anything, but it would be fun to write the tension and the love-hate and the pureblood-M*dblood thing (yes I just censored Mudblood because THAT IS AN OFFENSIVE TERM PEOPLE) and yes it'd be very fun to write. We'll see.

9. Also a Marauder's Era fic about Lupin or Peter because you don't see those everyday, or a series of drabbles/vignettes throughout James and Lily's life together, or a Harry/OC romance because I really like Harry/OC romances because yes Ginny and Harry belong together but sometimes an OC is super rad.

10. A 1920's or 1940's murder mystery. Not sure which one yet, but it'd be a murder mystery in a either a very gritty crime-ravaged city like Chicago or New York or a small town, but the main character would be a budding young female writer with a curious demeanor who gets into some business she definitely has NO BUSINESS BEING IN and she starts to solve the case. I love period mysteries.


Very Important Book Characters

-Atticus Finch
-Albus Dumbledore
-Holden Caulfield
-Jay Gatsby
-Nick Carroway
-Scarlett O'Hara
-Scout Finch
-Jem Finch
-Elizabeth Bennett
-Percy Jackson
-Lyra Silvertongue
-Sherlock Holmes
-Charlie [Last Name not mentioned - from The Perks]
-Alaska Young
-Harry Potter

October 9th, 2013 at 01:40am