Sixteen year old me was a joke

So I don't know if I ever mentioned it here, but three years ago -- when I was sixteen and in Year Eleven -- my teacher got us to write a letter to ourselves explaining how we were in the current moment. He planned to send it to us two years after we'd left school, and 'lo and behold, I received it today.

I can't believe how much I've changed. In one part of the letter I was talking about boys having germs (I was a late developer, okay) and in another part I was ranting about how much I wanted to marry Marc Murphy (an AFL player) or Brian Haner Jr (passing phase), and then I went on to tell myself that by the time I got this letter, it would be legal to pursue them both.

GOOD GOD SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD!ASHLEIGH. Calm the hormones. Don't you remember that boys have germs?

I also told myself to hit my brother on the back of the head and tell him to stop asking if I was a lesbian just because I didn't have a boyfriend.

I didn't have any trouble doing that.

I think I got bored halfway because I mentioned the number of freckles on my arm. Either that or my sixteen year old self had severe attention difficulties.

But yeah... it just made me realise a lot about myself, and especially realise how much I've changed. It's really put things in perspective; sometimes you feel like you're going nowhere but then something like this happens and you realise that you're miles away from where you started.

I am obviously no less ridiculous though because my 'P.S.' asked me if I 'cried when Shrek ended'.

I did.

Anyway... off to do uni work now. If you're doing something MORE boring than that, please comment and tell me because I need to feel better about things (and get it done by tomorrow).

October 9th, 2013 at 12:49pm