I Would Like to Introduce You All to Hopeless Lullabies

Hi everybody! I would like to introduce you all to the lovely user, Hopeless Lullabies. This lovely lady right here is super awesome and I really love her stories. She is a writer of fan fiction featuring a variety of celebrities as well as bands. This lovely lady right here is such a sweetie. She is so sweet in fact that she actually wrote a Shay Mitchell femme slash one shot just for me because she knows how much I love that woman. That woman is my lesbian lover. You guys should totally check it out along with her other stories. I'll list a few below.

Watch the Stars With Me- This is that Shay Mitchell one shot I told you about. It's so sad and sweet and a must check out.

Mila and Juliet- This is a Mila Kunis femme slash so all you fans of femmeslash and Mila Kunis go check this story out!

Diary of a Fangirl- This features Alex Garskarth so all you All Time Low fans out there go give this a read.

Catfish- Another femme slash and must check out.

Playing With Fire- This is a student teacher femme slash featuring Kelly Clarkson and a really good story so go on and read it.

The Wrong Feels Right- Features Adam Levine. Who doesn't love some Adam Levine?

Fading Photographs- This is a Harry Styles story so all you One Direction fans go check this sucker out.

Alright, that's all for now ladies and gents. Go add this lady as a friend and go check out some of her stories, she is amazing and you won't be disappointed.
October 10th, 2013 at 03:31am