Rant Rant Rant!

So there's this girl at my school who cuts herself (right on the thigh, if anyone was wondering) and she brags about it. Like, it's pretty much 60% of what she talks about while within my hearing range. I first heard her talk about it in homeroom about a month ago; she was talking to her friend about where they cut, how much they cut, and so on.

Her: Yeah, I cut myself. Right here *she draws a line with her finger on her thigh* but I have to hide it from my parents.

Friend: I cut myself right here *she taps her finger on her wrist*

Her: Well, one day I was at a restaurant with my parents an my boyfriend and I have to bandage up the cuts or they'll bust open and start bleeding again, but I forgot to and when he put his hand on my thigh they opened and he had to carry me out.

Friend: Damn, that must've hurt.

Her: No, not really. It was fun.

At this point, I was pretty upset because the tone of voice she was using. She had his condescending, braggy voice that a self-centered person would use when bragging about their achievements. I wanted to tell her that she shouldn't be cutting herself, that if she was she shouldn't brag about it, and that it's nothing to be proud of. I tried to stay away from her after.

But today in physics this guy noticed she had the word "Emo" written on the toes--the white parts--of her converse.

Him: So you're emo?

Her: *looking at her shoes* Yeah, so what?

Him: So you cut yourself?

Her: What!? No, why does everybody say that?

Another Friend: But do you cut yourself?

Her: Yeah, right here on my thigh *she pats her thigh*

I walked away at this point, half because I was literally sickened by this and half because the bell rang to go home.

Why would she do this? What's the point in bragging and flaunting the fact that you 'hate' your life and that you're 'emo'. Hating yourself isn't something to be proud of and neither is cutting. Self-harm is a severe coping method that is actually widely considered a mental disorder. No one should ever be proud of harming themselves, hating themselves, or having depression.

This literally makes me so fucking mad, oh my god.

That was my little rant thing? okay bye
October 12th, 2013 at 05:03am