Just an update for each fic.

So, I sorta made a melodramatic blog a couple of weeks ago and I've been contemplating whether or not doing this but it has come to the point that I have left many people hanging for a while so i'm just going to clear up everything :)

Recite Every Reason How You're Fine: For this fic, it's easy and super duper fun to update because all I have to do is type aggressively about my feelings on a certain issue or topic or a funny story that I feel would happen to my characters in the fic so whatever. It's going to be updated regularly. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE FUCKING COMMENTS THEY ARE SO GORGEOUS:D

You're Weird, I Like You: Jesus Chirst, ITS THE BIG ONE D: Honestly, this fic scares me. I have the ending planned out and everything and i'm totally inspired to write and fkin finish it but I'm scared to write the next few chapters. THEIR BIG AND IMORTANT. You can expect an update soon but I wouldn't hold my breath.

69 Reasons I'm a Tad Bit Crazy for You: Bleh, I've got an idwa for the next few chapters. No exactly important, that's why there hasn't been many updates lately. Expect an update son though :)

The Door to Heaven is Locked, Darling, and We've Lost the Key: Favourite but i'm sorta lost with it. This fic needs a lot of thinking for each chapter. HIATUS :(

Loveseats for the Love Games, Hangers for the Predeceased: I love this one too but idk so HIATUS. :///

Rape Victims Anonymous: RLLY SHORT, LIKE A COUPLE OF CHAPTERS. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna finish this one but for now, HIATUS :(

Whereabouts Of A Smile: Really fucking excited to start this one but for now, It's a COMING SOON.

Boys Will Be Boys: ;)

If you have any questions, shoot me a message or one in the comments. I love you all and I think you for your support. DON'T BE AFRAID TO TALK TO ME. :D

Addie x
October 17th, 2013 at 02:29am