Writer in the Rye's Mibbaween Candybowl!! // Closed

Happy Mibbaween lovelies!

Hopefully you guys aren't too stuffed from all the candy you've been getting from all the other wonderful users on here :)


1) Must say trick or treat - in another language. (You can make it up if you wish ^_^ )

2) Can choose up to THREE pieces of candy, and everything is UNLIMITED :)

3) Must leave me the name of your work if it is required for your candy - no links needed! (You're welcome XD)

4) Must leave me a creative emoticon at the end.


Kit-Kat - A story comment on any one of your stories

Reece's Peanut Butter Cup - A poem comment on any poem

Nerds - A recommendation blog about you

Halloween Peeps - Friend Request!!

Dots A comment on a one-shot OR drabble of yours

Snickers I'll write you a one-shot or drabble, PM me with details

Twix I'll write you a poem, PM me with details

Twizzlers A blog comment

Smarties Editing Notes for any of your works, I'll basically be your editor for any story XD

Runts Recommendations on up to TEN of your pieces (I'm feeling generous ^_^ )

Hershey Bar Subscription on one of your stories :)

Don't forget my demanding, absurd, and quaint rules XD I want to wish all of you the best Halloween ever, you guys are my home <3

Have an absolutely blessed rest of your day, and let's all have a great Monday tomorrow :)

God Bless!!

October 20th, 2013 at 08:45pm