Asexuality Awareness Week || Asexuality: An Overview & Stereotypes

Beings its still AAW, I've really wanted to find a black ring. Wearing a black ring on your right middle finger is usually a sign that someone is asexual. I kinda want one. Thinking of going to Wal-Mart to find a cheapo sometime.

Anyways, I absolutely love SwankIvy's videos because she's been extremely helpful in figuring out if I could identify as asexual or not. I messaged her and she even replied that she was very happy she could help. Her videos are really informative and if anyone ever had questions on asexuality, here's a video to get a lot of them answered in simple format. Because I ramble when I try to explain things...

Its a long video, but its extremely in-depth yet simple. It talks about the difference between romantic and sexual attraction and also the different forms of romantic orientation (hetero, homo, bi, pan, etc).

As I stated before, I identify with heteroromantic gray-asexuality which means I'm romantically attracted to men and very rarely experience sexual attraction.

This guy cracks me up with his video on being a panromantic asexual. It just seriously made my day when I saw it. xD
"I'm going to be forever except not completely because of Number 2, I'll be surrounded by a horde of cats." I've gotten that one, actually.
And the sex jokes thing. He states he makes more sex jokes than his friends. So do I, kinda. When the moment hits, I'm one of those people who randomly blurts out something that no one expected. Its a way to keep my friends on their toes. Teehee

So that's my asexuality post of the day.

P.S. this doesn't go for every asexual, but I found it funny.

-Aydios, lovelies!
October 23rd, 2013 at 10:14pm