Why God Doesn't Exist - A Response

Inspired by this blog.

Just putting this out there, I agree with her completely. I believe that, if there was a god, there wouldn't be so much death an destruction in this world. But I also have another perspective to pose from, a scientific an moral perspective.

Also, don't hate on me or try to argue. This is indeed an issue I feel strongly about.

If God existed, why is the Bible so incorrect? Supposedly, God or angels or whatever told the men that wrote the bible what to write. Everything in the Bible is supposedly a direct quote from God. Not only is the Bible itself so contradictory, it's also sexist, and scientifically inaccurate. In the Bible, it says that the universe became fixed on Earth (or something along those lines); making Earth the center of it. This is a scientific inaccuracy, and a lot of people argue: "It's just a sentiment of the times! They didn't know!" Which would thus mean that the all-knowing Creator of All didn't know so much about what he made--or that the men were making it all up to fit their worldly ideas.

Another part of the Bible is that, in the Garden of Eden, God took one of Adam's ribs and made it into Eve, Adam's wife. I have no idea where to go with this, the idea that a motherfucking human girl can come from the rib of a man is entirely insane. If God were to take one of Adam's ribs, Adam's heart and lungs would be vulnerable, and I'm sure he'd be in a hell of a lot of pain. Out there in the garden--in the forest--working his ass off, I'm sure something would happen to him. Not to mention that a woman cannot be made from a rib. A rib cannot make another human, it is a bone. Unless some scientist is able to discover a way to extract some DNA from the rib and make a clone or something of the man--which is far from our times--then the whole concept seems impossible to me.

God is supposedly an all-loving, all-knowing, all-powerful, ever-present being. If he was so loving, then why does he say to lynch sinners, stone homos, and to keep the women sheltered and uneducated? You might say, "Oh, I don't believe in that part of the Bible, Meaning that you aren't a true follower of that religion. You are a sect of that religion, a different thing. If you cherry-pick the Bible, pick out from God's word what you like and don't like, in some way or another you will disobey that word and do something that God doesn't like--rendering yourself a sinner.

Another thing about cherry-picking the Bible: People say morals derive from religion, but that isn't true. You don't see Atheists going around murdering people, burning schools, and killing babies because they don't have religion (which is somehow now synonymous with morals according to some people). If morals derived from the Christian religion, then stoning homosexuals in the streets, bashing babies against rocks, and selling your daughters into sex slavery for disobeying you (along with having concubines while being married) would all be considered morally right. I'd like no one to believe that those are the right things to do, but a lot do, and a lot don't. This shows that everyone has a different moral compass, and that if morals derived from religion, those things would be right, which they're not, and most people would be able to infer that based on how it makes them feel (meaning that they already have a preset morality). Morality, in my opinion, comes from what you were exposed to and what you experienced growing up, though not necessarily how your parents treated you. My dad believes it's okay for America to bomb other countries, but not okay for anyone to bomb us, but I don't. My mother thinks it's okay to go have an affair, but I don't. See the difference between my parents and I?

Back to the thing "It was the sentiments of the times," WHICH RENDERS YOUR ENTIRE ARGUMENT FOR GOD USELESS. If there are parts of the Bible that are just the opinions of the writers and those are just "sentiments of the times" then that would mean that the authors went against God to do their own thing, and God should have been aware of this and assigned someone else to write the Bible or used his all-powerfullness to change what was written. Why wasn't that done? BECAUSE HE DOESN'T EXIST. And please don't call me ignorant and criticize me for stating that like it's a fact, because it is one. Religion was created to instill fear within the masses and give people false hope that there's life after death.

Another thing: all religions derive from other religions. If you believe those religions to be false, then your religion must be false in some way or another. And if your religion disagrees with Evolution, then there is one flaw or another within your beliefs and that must be changed or you are wrong. You cannot deny a fact, and if you do saying that your opinion is more correct than that fact, THEN YOUR OPINION IS WRONG.

You may ask why I'm only picking on Christianity. That's because I live in America, where 48% of people believe the Earth is less than 6,000 years old and that Evolution is false and where 60% of the country is Christian. I grow up around the religion and I know most about it, so I'm going to argue against it if I know enough to have an opposition.

Following semolina; If God existed and he loved all of us and actually cared, why would there be so much death? Why are people getting raped, murdered, abused, and neglected if God exists? Why are people killing themselves every day, why are people so depressed and sad that they'd rather kill themselves than live? Why are countless animals being beaten to death, abused, starved, and sacrificed, if God exists? If he loved or even cared a little about us, he would not allow that to happen.

Also, if God existed, and he knew so many people weren't believing in him (because he's all-knowing, right?) then why isn't he showing himself to everyone, showing them that he exists and that they have to believe?

Because he's not fucking real.

That is all.
October 27th, 2013 at 02:19am