British Mibbians UNITE!


I don't know many of you have seen this photo yet, but it's causing a lot of ruckus her in the UK.

Now, the UK is usually a pretty boring place aside from the heavy snowfalls some places get during the early stages of the new year and what not. But aside from that, pretty much nothing happens here.

We always hear about massive storms hitting various places in the US and other countries, and while we send all our thoughts and prayers to them all to stay safe, we happily sit thinking: well, it'll never happen to us. It hasn't before, why would it now? And now that this warning has come up, I'm actually a little scared of what's going to happen. Are we really going to get a really bad storm, or is it just a storm that's been blown out of proportions? It's hard to stay.

All my battery operated devices - my phone and laptop - are now charging just in case it happens and the power fails us. I think my father has a few torches hidden around the kitchen and under the stairs, and mum has a couple of candles dotted around the house. So lights won't be a huge problem. The cupboards in the kitchen have been stocked with munchies, so I can comfort myself with food if it does happen. And I do have my headphones and my big fluffy dog, Wolf, so I'll have music and a cuddle buddy to comfort me a little.

I know, I'm being a little dramatic right now, but I'm not too bothered. Nothing like this ever seems to happen to us British folk, so this is one of those times where we have no idea how the hell to react. o-o

What also scares me, is I am one of the ones in the red zone. If you look to the south of Wales and look closely, you'll see a little word reading Swansea. That's where I am. And literally nothing ever happens in Swansea aside from a lot of rain. o-O

Is anyone else living in the UK feeling like me right now? I've spoken to a couple of people already on a different blog, and it made my night a little to know 2 of my favourite authors on the whole site live in the same country as me and one of them only an hour away from me, but I need to know we're not alone here. :c

So yeah.

Stay safe all you British Mibbians! I don't want to find that anyone has been hurt in this coming storm! >-<

Until next time, goodnight!

-- AJB xo

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October 27th, 2013 at 10:54pm