I'm baaaaaacccckkkk. >:D ~Insert Ronnie Radke laugh here~||My experience meeting BOTDF and Davey Suicide.

Hey guys!
So I dunno if any of you have noticed I've been missing for a couple of days, but I got back online today after a three day ban. It was meant to be 2 days, but turned into three. And it sucked so bad because I hated not being able to come on here.
This blog would've been up sooner, but I've been catching up on the reading I missed while I was banned. But I'm back now, so it's all good. :)


I'm not sure how many of you have seen the photos I've posted of me with Davey Suicide and Dahvie Vanity, but yeah. I went to see them in Cardiff on October 30th, 2013. And it was one of the best nights of my life. Seriously. They were so into it. Jumping around on stage and getting close to the fans and getting them jumping about and everything. It was amazing.

Davey Suicide spent most of the night at his merch table selling the merch and meeting fans. It made me so freaking happy that he did that. He was the first band guy I have ever met, and that'll always be a memory I hold close to me. I was so nervous going up to him to buy merch. I've loved him for ages now, and I thought I was going to pass out or something. But my friend gave me pep talk and convinced me to just go and say hi and buy a shirt from him, so I did, and he was soo sweet. He just smiled the whole time. We had to get like, really close to hear eachother talking over the really loud music, but I didn't care. :')

So once I'd bought my new Davey Suicide shirt - which is awesome by the way - I showed him the drawing I've done of him, and seriously, the smile that he gave me almost made me hyperventilate. He really, really liked it. So he signed it for me and told me I'm really talented, and then he let my friend take a photo of us, which is here in case any of you haven't seen it yet:


Then after all the sets had been played, people started hanging around to wait for Blood On The Dance Floor to cool off and come back out to see us. Jayy came straight out, but he was immediately surrounded by fans, so me and my friend couldn't get to him. We got told we had to leave early because curfew got cut for them due to someone going in after them, so we were all told to wait outside for the bands to come out to us. Dahvie came out, but Jayy stayed inside to avoid the mobs since he feels really uncomfortable around mobs of fans.

But me and my friend met Dahvie. And I cannot understand why everyone hates him so much. He was nothing but sweet and genuine with us. His security dude told us we had to be quick and just get one autograph and one photo 'cause there was a load to meet even though there were only a couple after me and my friend, but Dahvie ignored the security dude and talked to me and my friend for a while. He let us take photos, which made my night 'cause I've wanted to meet him for ages now and I never thought I'd get the chance since this is only their second UK tour and they can't afford to come out here as often as other bands can.

Before me and my friend had photos with him, we were fussing over our hair being messy because of the rain and whatever, so we were apologising to him for not looking so great, and he told us both to stop being silly because we're both beautiful. And people don't understand how much that means to me to hear it from one of the people I've looked up to for so long. It actually pushed my confidence up a little bit, which is a fucking miracle.

I also showed him a really old drawing I did of him and Jayy, and he was like: Omg, you drew this?!
He said it's awesome, and I have an amazing talent that I should always hold onto, and he signed it for me. I'm kinda bummed I didn't get to show it to Jayy, but I will hopefully get to show him next time they visit the UK.

This is me looking really weird and gross next to Dahvie Vanity:


But yeah.
Most of you probably don't like either of them/haven't heard of them. But I just wanted to share this because I can and I'm still overly high on happiness because of this. They are the first bands I've ever been able to meet and talk to and whatever, and they were nothing but amazing and sweet. Both said I'm talented, and Dahvie told me I'm beautiful. I just.. ughh. <3

I'm waiting for the hate I'm probably gonna get for loving BOTDF, but I really don't care. I've always believed in them, and I've always loved them. Meeting Dahvie has proven that what people say about him is wrong. He is a really, really nice guy. People just can't seem to look past the internet rumours that people get a kick out of starting.

I'm gonna stop talking and leave now since I have a lot of college work I still need to try and do by Monday. But yeah.

Stay awesome dudes! \m/

-- AJB xo

Song of the day: Blood On The Dance Floor -- Rise And Shine.
November 1st, 2013 at 10:26pm