Mitch Lucker+NaNo

So today marked the one year anniversary since Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence' passed away. A part of me is still shocked. Mitch's death affects me just as must as the Rev's passing did. Truth be told I actually have been into Suicide Silence more steadily than I was into Avenged Sevenfold. When I was 18, Avenged's Waking The Fallen CD released and that's when they really got popular in my state.

So that's been quite a bit ago. While I liked Avenged back then, I kind of steered away from them and was into bands like As I lay dying and Bleeding Through. So for several years I wasn't as into Avenged as I am now. I've currently been obsessed with them musically for the past three years. However....during the time I wasn't really into them, I was hard core into Suicide Silence. I've loved them from the beginning.

It was about the music too....not what the members looked like. I remember when their album "the cleansing released." It was what really did it for me with them. That whole album really helped me because back at that time, I think it was 2006, I was a very angry person. Anytime I listened to that album though, I felt my frustrations lessen. Sometimes people need intense things to help relieve stress or whatever plagues them. Honestly I didn't really find out what Mitch looked like until later. While he was good looking, I was 100% hooked on their music. I've always loved how unique their sound is. Mitch's voice was one of a kind in my opinion in that genre of music.

He really brought his bit of creativity and originality to the music industry's table. I still ache inside sometimes when I think about one Halloween that I didn't go to their concert. It was in Nashville which isn't too far from me. I didn't go for several reasons including money issues and transportation but the main reason I didn't go was because I procrastinated and thought, They'll probably always be around. Maybe I'll go and catch their show next year.

Well that was several years ago but I still never got around to seeing them. I mean I've been into Avenged for three years and I just now got to see them at the beginning of October. If you love a band, don't put off seeing them because you never know what may happen. So last year I had planned on buying tickets to the Suicide Silence show that would be in December. I told my man to make it my Christmas present. Well before I got the chance to buy the tickets......he passed....and yeah. I was fucking devastated.

A lot of people look up to Avenged Sevenfold or My Chemical Romance or even One Direction as their idols but Mitch.....he was mine. I look up to Avenged Sevenfold A LOT as well.....but I loved the vibe and attitude Mitch had. He wasn't afraid to be different and he was passionate about the things he believed in and in his music. I ache as a fan but my heart mostly goes out to his mom and family and his wife. I couldn't imagine my husband passing away so I know she must be in indescribable pain. I couldn't even imagine.

The fact that she gets out of bed everyday is a miracle and she's probably much stronger than I am in that aspect. But most of all....I feel for his daughter, Kennedy. She will grow up missing out on so many things with her father. I haven't seen a lot of people or any people on Mibba talking about him today but a lot on Facebook have been sharing memories with him, inspiring words and photos of Mitch.

The band also revealed his grave site and invited people to pay their respects and give their tributes to him. I know that I will never forget him or all the things he did while he was with us. My heart aches in my chest just knowing that there will be no more music from him and no more of his wonderful and amazing talents shared. He is greatly missed by not only me, but by millions.

Some of my favorite songs by Suicide Silence are Disengage, Hands of a killer and Witness the addiction which featured Jon Davis of Korn. Both the Cleansing and the Black Crown are my favorite albums by the band. I still rock out to their music to this day. It comforts me to keep his memory alive and makes the pain a little easier to take.

YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE SO JUST GO FUCKING NUTS. Those were some of the lyrics he sang and I really think he lived by them. He seemed unafraid to just get out there and really live life. May you rest in peace Mitch Lucker. Gone but never forgotten.


So I've decided to NOT do NaNo this time. I was really going to but I decided not to for several reasons. I've got some material to study and a big test to pass this month and it's really important that I devote a lot of my full attention to that. Also, I want to concentrate on my existing stories on this site. I want to try and start updating Filled With Syn regularly. I know a lot of you like that story so I want to continue it for you all.

I also just feel most inspired to write that one right now as well. My idea for NaNo was AWESOME but I'm just going to write it out as my own novel and work on it when I get around to it. I might enter the contest next year though. I'd like to be more prepared now and I know if I had went ahead and done my would be rushed and I would end up not being happy with it. So I just figured that I'd give you all a heads up! You don't get to read my NaNo entry but at least Filled With Syn will be updated. Hopefully that makes some of you happy. =)
November 2nd, 2013 at 04:10am