The Maine writing contest (my etsy and band/ one direction necklaces!)

Well firstly, Hello!

I know I haven't been very active on this account but I've recently got my laptop back and I've been reading some really incredible stories on here (which i'll be commenting sooner or later, I'm such a bad person when it comes to commenting but I do it sooner or later)

Anyway, I was thinking of starting up a writing contest based around lyrics from The Maine's newest album Forever Halloween since I really think the lyrics in that album could make some amazing stories I just lack the skills to do that, but you guys don't!

so what do you think, would any of you be interested?

and on a completely different topic, I opened up an Etsy shop not too long ago to sell my necklaces I make for myself but found out other people would like to buy them too.
So far I've got bands/people like The Maine, All Time Low, Mayday Parade, We Are The In Crowd, Paramore and a few One Direction necklaces/Pendants so if you were interested in that you can click here and have a little look.
November 8th, 2013 at 12:29am